Watermelon & Feta Salad

It's National Watermelon Day, and we are pumped to share one of our favorite summer dishes featuring the sweet fruit. This simple salad (only FOUR ingredients!) is fresh, tangy and sure to beat the seemingly endless summer heat. 

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There's no real recipe here - simply combine a few cups of cubed watermelon, 4 oz of cubed feta, some torn basil leaves and a squeeze of lime. Add a sprinkling of coarse sea salt (the crunchier, the better!), taste and adjust to your preference. You may want to add a little more feta or lime juice, or go light on the salt (but trust us - the briny crystals really elevate the flavor of the watermelon!). 

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A simple honey balsamic or lime vinaigrette would work nicely here, or even a sprinkling of blueberries. The simplicity of this salad makes it a great base to experiment with! We'd pair it with grilled pork tenderloin or spicy chicken skewers. 

We hope everyone enjoys the last few days of summer - hard to believe we'll be talking tailgating and Thanksgiving turkeys soon! Don't forget to tag your favorite food posts with #SGPSavors, and let us know what you think!