Introducing Santorini Blue
It’s no secret that my team and I love blue, and our new Santorini Blue is perfect for refreshing your home for summer decorating.  Two years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the stunningly beautiful island of Santorini, Greece....
Maison's Pastel Rainbow-themed Birthday Party
As an Enneagram 7 (the Enthusiast), parties are one of my favorite things. I love all aspects of gatherings - the planning, preparation, and the people, especially when it is for one of my kiddos. Maison was such a joy...
The Swan 75
Happy Wednesday, friends! With warm weather on the horizon, spring blooming in the air, vaccines in plentiful supply, it’s time to start planning your next soiree! To get started, I’m sharing a fabulous and unique cocktail recipe by my dear...
Why Charm Necklaces Make The Perfect Gift
  It is kind of crazy to me that my first ceramic jewelry creation is still our best-selling for more than seven years in a row. Product development is what I love and what I do best - however, trust...
The Diamond Meredith Necklace
  Y'all, I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am to finally be able to show you the diamond version of the Meredith necklace.  It has always been a pipe dream of mine to fold in fine versions of my best-selling jewelry designs using...
Easter Tablescape 2021
I have been looking more forward to spring this year than ever before. This weekend, my family and I will celebrate Easter and enjoy a traditional brunch at home. My mother always did a beautiful job setting the table for...
Celebrating All Things Lemon
In celebration of SGP lemon season coming back again this Friday I’m sharing one of my favorite lemon bar recipes courtesy the Barefoot Contessa. I made this recipe in my Maison tart dish and it baked so beautifully. 
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Barley Salad

Hey, y’all!  My name is Kristi, and I run a Southern baking blog--Beignets, Butter, and Bourbon--where I share my passion for all things food.  I love sharing recipes inspired by my friends and family.

A Fresh New Look
When I think about my legacy, I consider what I want my children’s children to know; which is, that I set out to honor my family’s heritage of fine craftsmen and craftswomen by creating a product that is well-made, highly valued, and will be passed down to future generations.
Valentines Gift Guide

Hi friends! February may be the darkest, coldest month but at least there’s Valentines and Galentines just around the corner! I pulled together some of our best giftables, whether for yourself or for a friend, to hopefully help you share a little handmade love with all of your favorites.

Mood-boarding & Inspiration in 2021

My other word for 2021 is cultivate. Over the years, I have come to understand the importance of tending to your own voice/creativity like you would a garden. It takes daily work, attention, planting and pruning.

My words for 2021: Simplify + Refresh

Earlier this month, I mentioned that there are several changes happening in 2021 at SGP that I would share with y'all soon. And one of the big changes has been on my to do list since I first started this business...and I'm excited to finally put this new update into motion.

Favorite Things Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

In the spirit of celebrating all things Christmas, I’ve put together my Favorite Things Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide. These have become tried and true favorites over the course of 2020.

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Butternut Squash and Sausage Stuffing

Hey ya'll, Courtney from Savor Style, here! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe that it was just last week, and yet it feels like Christmas will be here tomorrow! I often feel like I'm in constant menu-planning mode during the holidays, but I'm not complaining - especially right now.

Style Guide from Susan's Closet

Hey everyone! I’m excited to pull some new and old favorites from my closet to show you how I’m styling my favorite jewelry pieces with the latest fall trends I have been inspired by. There is also a super exciting announcement in our newsletter tomorrow related to this topic - make sure you’re subscribed to find out!

Christmas Catalog 2020

In today’s post, I’m talking all things Christmas tablescape and revealing our 2020 Christmas Catalog! It is my passion to create heirloom, handmade pieces that are collected and passed down generation after generation.

Inspiration behind the Bugs

As a natural next step from floral imagery, I’m now exploring other motifs of nature that are synonymous with or relate to flowers and gardening. Moths, butterflies, and beetles have such a beautiful natural design that I am breaking down into blocks of color and lines. My goal is to elevate them from their usual identity, taking artistic liberties with their actual anatomy, to become elements of design, pattern, and composition.

Favorite Things for Fall

Fall is my favorite season by far. In this post, I have compiled some of my favorite things of late to gift, keep, or enjoy for fall.

Fall Serveware Catalog 2020

So excited to reveal our new Fall Serveware Catalog! The pottery, props, photos and catalog - all of it came together by the hands of many. This was a labor of love and I could not be more thrilled with the way each person helped create and capture what is my dream outdoor gathering.

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Elisabeth & Butter: Salted Bourbon Pecan Pie

Hi everyone! My name is Elisabeth Farris, and I grew up in the kitchen, baking with my mom and sisters. Baking became my passion at an early age, as I taught myself to make and decorate sugar cookies and started my own baking business at 15 years old.

Personal Update - Gathering for the Holidays

Someone asked me recently how Covid has affected the relational aspect of my life. More than anything, I miss total freedom to gather with our loved ones in the way we used to. With the holiday season coming up, I am grieving the loss of that privilege I took for granted for so long. Here is how I am choosing joy on a pracitcal level in this trying time.