Favorite Things

Hey everyone! Susan here. Just in time for Christmas, I’ve gathered some of my favorite things. And they really are my FAVORITE things. I am by no means a professional blogger, and none of these brands have asked me to include their products. So, this is a “I really do love these products and I recommend them” post!

Ok, here goes! Below is my contribution to the world of gift guides!

From top left to bottom right, hopefully you can follow me:

  1. Charcuterie from @Savor-Style, my fellow content contributor and best friend, Courtney. Courtney used to work in the catering and restaurant businesses, and she is fabulous. She is a gifted mom to triplets, and loves to host (and help host) endless parties and gatherings. She creates these gorgeous charcuterie boards for parties. I commission one for EVERY party I host (and even ones that I need to bring a dish to!) She generally needs about 2-3 days notice, and can create charcuteries for as many people as you would like to serve.

  2. Meredith necklace. This is one of our best-selling delicate necklaces. It’s easily layered, comes in 22+ colors and I rarely take mine off. This is the one I wear every day, and it is matte black. We are sold out at the moment, but will be restocking this Friday.

  3. Delicate bracelet by Kate Morris Jewelry. Fun fact. Kate and I dated two of the same men. She and I became friends years later, after we were both married to two different men. She has been making jewelry since she was basically in the womb, and her style spans a variety of tastes - from hipster to more traditional.

  4. Round ornament in blush with 22k gold splatters. These just make me so happy. I have a dozen on my tree and can’t wait to fill it with more. Shop here.

  5. OPI Shh…It’s Top Secret! One of my favorite colors…mostly for my toes because having my nails painted can sometimes be challenging as a mom and a potter.

  6. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. I love it because it’s an all-season red, it is matte, and it stays on all day. The color I have is Beso.

  7. Schramsberg bubbly. In my opinion, some of the best bubbly made stateside. If you ever visit Napa, I highly recommend a visit. Their tour is a little pricey, but it is one of the best tours in Napa and comes with lots of wine to taste.

  8. In-stock Swan Chandelier Earrings. These babies are my namesake. FYI, my nickname is Swan…hence the swan logo.

  9. AA bowls. Super popular and giftable. Just a little something more than a “ring dish” and about the same price. Restocking these on Monday, December 11.

  10. Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup. This chick makes Southern look goooood.

  11. Our Fiesta earrings in white. The earrings I get the most compliments out “in the wild” by people who have no idea I made them. Seriously the best compliments ever. Restocking these on Monday December 11.

  12. IT Cosmetics CC cream. Their tagline is “Your skin but better” and boy do they mean it. It’s my favorite new “foundation”. It’s more of a primer and is super light, but still good coverage. Over 30, too much sun and two babies gives a lady some not so lovely age spots. This is my favorite for a quick and dirty makeup sesh.

  13. Wreath Tea towel from Chickadee. I’m from the south, so I always have a holiday-themed tea towel in my kitchen.

  14. Our hand-thrown mugs. Microwave safe (for all you re-heaters out there, I’m right there with you), dishwasher safe, and a piece of art all in one! We only have a precious few in stock, grab one while they’re still listed!

  15. Tile. This little things are PRICELESS. I constantly lose my keys so this device comes in handy for me. BONUS! It also helps you find your phone! Press on the tile twice and it’ll make your phone do a little jingle, even when on vibrate and “calling your phone” won’t help.

  16. Round ring dish in desert rose. These happy little babies are so giftable. Under $30 and compact, these are great stocking stuffers! And, they come in 22+ colors!

  17. Our True Meaning of Christmas Tree Candle cup and our signature Christmas scent. Only a few left!

  18. Bath salts from Chickadee. What girl can’t use a good salt scrub? The container and attached scoop couldn’t be cuter, too.

  19. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I have one word for y’all. HUMIDITY. This southern girl cannot live without this amazing hair product. It’s got just enough hold to act like a hairspray, when you don’t want that overly stiff look and still want to preserve your ‘do.

  20. UE Boom Speaker. I love these because you can have multiple speakers and sync your playlist to each one…creating a surround sound effect. It is like having a fancy speaker system but much less expensive. I use my two speakers for parties at my house that are indoors and out, and they provide a great sound, even for a large crowd outdoors.