Favorite Things for Fall

Favorite Things for Fall

Fall is my favorite season by far. It’s the best time to get outdoors. The crisp air is pretty life-giving after months of 100% humidity in Alabama. Ten years ago, my husband I were married outdoors in late October. Growing up, my family would take camping trips in the fall. It’s the season of cozy fires, soft blankets, gathering with friends, long walks, delicious soups, and and my favorite pastime of late, dining al fresco. Here’s my favorites for all things fall. Enjoy!


Left to right, top to bottom:

Vintage Plates from Beth at Mary and Wilma. Beth curates the coolest finds from estate sales and more. She has such an eye for design and antique furniture.

Maison Tart Dish - the first dish I ever named after my firstborn, Maison. She and I love to bake together and her favorite thing to eat is a tomato tart. (She calls it a pizza!)

Patterned table clothes - This one by India Amory recommended by my friend Courtney of Savor Style is high on my list. I have started collecting these for outdoor gatherings. It really dresses up a casual get together in the best way.

Bottega Cafe Olive Oil - Birmingham friends…this is the BEST olive oil I have had, ever. I buy these by the case. I love having extras on hand for a last minute gift or as a token of thanks for a friend. I buy these direct from the restaurant in Birmingham.

Amabella Platter - this medium/large oval platter has a secret: it is ALSO a great casserole dish. It holds just about the same amount of food as our Domicile baking dish. It is one of my favorite pieces as it looks more platter like but can function as a shallow bowl/casserole.

Maskcara Makeup Palette - I have to say, I usually agree with my friend TIBAL, palettes are usually a waste of money. But with the Maskcara palette, you get to choose your own colors and products to be put into your custom palette. My new friend, Kerri, sells these and she did a fabulous job with my makeup for our family Christmas card pictures.

De Gournay Hand Painted Interiors Coffee table book - possibly one of my favorite coffee table book purchases yet. De Gournay is high end luxury interior design at its finest. The hand-embroidered wallpaper is absolutely breathtaking.

White boots - Ok y’all I have a confession, the last time I rocked the white boot trend, it was far from chic. Think: go-go boots. Not these, though, y’all. I am LOVING the white boot trend for fall. My favorites are the ones with some texture to break up the bright white at your base: crocodile, snakeskin, seude, or lace-up.

And last but not least, Estelle Colored Glass - my go-to treat-myself gift. I cannot get enough. My advice when shopping Estelle: don’t be afraid of color, even if it isn’t a color you currently use in your home decor. I am not a purple-gal, but of all the colors I own of hers, the amethyst is my favorite.