Meet The New Classic Charm Necklace

Meet The New Classic Charm Necklace

Our personalized initial charms now come in a clean, modern uppercase font! Meet the new Classic Charm. We chose this font to coordinate with our best-selling lowercase typewriter font. Layering the charms as you add to your collection just got even more fun! 



Ever wonder why capital letters are called “uppercase”? One of my favorite, nerdy hobbies is to research the why behind what most people would never bother to question. Hundreds of years ago, printing was done by hand with individual metal letter stamps. These stamps were housed in cases that were stored over and under the printer’s work table. Capital letters, used less often, were stored in the case above the table (upper case, get it?) and all other more commonly used letters were stored below (lower case). 



Similar to the hand-printing process from centuries ago, our process involves impressing a circle of clay by hand with an individual letter stamp. After the charm is dried, it is smoothed, fired overnight, hand-glazed, fired again overnight, embellished with 22k gold luster, fired a third time, and then assembled with a 14-20 gold-filled jump ring. 



Many of you ask me how many charms can one put on a necklace. My answer: as many as you want! These charms are so super lightweight, they don't even register on my gram scale until I've placed five or six of them on there. Charms can be purchased with a chain or separately. 

The new Traditional Charm Necklaces releases this Friday at 9am. I can't wait to see how you style these!