Our New Studio

Our New Studio

I’ve been hinting at some exciting news all week and I am finally excited to reveal: we are expanding our production to a secondary studio facility in Homewood! With the help from our friends at New Latitude, a local moving company, we are already up and running in our new production studio. Our new space is over twice as large as our storefront studio which means we now have triple the space!

With this expansion, we are finally able to hire and train new artisans that will help us offer even more of your favorite pottery in our restocks. While it was no easy feat packing and moving our fragile unfinished pottery and equipment, even just down the street, our friends at New Latitude helped make our move smooth, efficient, and effortless.

Are you moving soon? Below are a few helpful tips from our fulfillment team to make packing your favorite handmade pottery safely:

  • Find a sturdy box that is between 4-6 inches longer and taller than your piece.
  • Fill the box with some sort of material to fill the empty space in the bowl – we use crinkle paper, but packing peanuts, crushed paper, or bubble wrap should work as well!
  • If your bowl is larger than a Bijou, we recommend putting a piece of bubble wrap on the top and bottom of your piece 
  • Once your bowl is protected and the lid is closed, do a shake test. If you can hear any movement from your bowl, it’s not protected enough – add some more packing materials!
  • If you have multiple bowls you need to pack, you can nest them together in the same box (no more than 4 nested together). Between each bowl, layer a few sheets of bubble wrap so that there is a cushion between all ceramic surfaces. Once you have your stack, tape a long sheet of bubble wrap around it to secure the bowls together. Make sure your packing tape is covering bubble wrap and not directly adhering to your bowl – tape stuck to bowls may damage the gold edges on your piece.
  • Mark your box as fragile, and ideally don’t stack any heavy boxes on top of it.

More to come about our new facility and our plans to offer even more of your favorites from SGP!