Why Charm Necklaces Make The Perfect Gift

Why Charm Necklaces Make The Perfect Gift


It is kind of crazy to me that my first ceramic jewelry creation is still our best-selling for more than seven years in a row. Product development is what I love and what I do best - however, trust me, not every product I have ever created has been a best-seller. Some have been total failures. However, the personalized initial charm necklace was my first fully realized jewelry design and continues to be a SGP customer favorite over the years. Beginners luck, eh?

The personal aspect of our charms moves me the most. Charm necklaces are bought to represent so many moments - a happy new addition to a family, to represent a new last name, to remember the heartbreaking loss of a pregnancy or a loved one. The gift notes y’all write for your friends and family are incredibly thoughtful and touching. My team and I see customers sending charms all over the country to celebrate, commemorate, and care for their people. Whether celebratory or in memory of, it is a privilege for my work to be part of your stories.



Simple, classic and elegant, the handmade charm necklace appeals to every age. Over the years, I have seen them on all ages:  littles as young as 4 or 5 years old, to grandmothers with seven grandkids and a charm to represent each one. 

Lightweight and durable, our initial charms come in over 25 color options. Choose between just charms or a charm and a chain with your preference of 16, 18, 20 and 24 inch length 14-20 gold-filled chains. There’s even an option to add an extender to give some flexibility to your length.

Being from Alabama, there is a warm place in my heart for all my double-name friends. A few years ago, we started offering the option to put two initials together on one charm to celebrate all those traditionally southern names.



Last year, we added a new style to our repertoire, the beautiful and timeless Heirloom Charm. Crafted to look perfectly imperfect, with a nod to the well-loved worn look of an ancient coin. The initials are in a lower-case modern cursive font and finished in an antique matte gold finish. Created to be worn alone, or to be added to your collection of classic initial charms. This necklace style is quickly catching up with our classic design and is sure to be a forever favorite at SGP. This style feels chic but not trendy, transitional, and above all, timeless. 

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away and these sweet charm necklaces make for the most thoughtful gift for the mama in your life! Order by April 21 to receive in time for Mother’s Day.