Christmas Catalog 2020

In today’s post, I’m talking all things Christmas tablescape and revealing our 2020 Christmas Catalog! It is my passion to create heirloom, handmade pieces that are collected and passed down generation after generation.

Inspiration behind the Bugs

As a natural next step from floral imagery, I’m now exploring other motifs of nature that are synonymous with or relate to flowers and gardening. Moths, butterflies, and beetles have such a beautiful natural design that I am breaking down into blocks of color and lines. My goal is to elevate them from their usual identity, taking artistic liberties with their actual anatomy, to become elements of design, pattern, and composition.

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Elisabeth & Butter: Salted Bourbon Pecan Pie

Hi everyone! My name is Elisabeth Farris, and I grew up in the kitchen, baking with my mom and sisters. Baking became my passion at an early age, as I taught myself to make and decorate sugar cookies and started my own baking business at 15 years old.

Personal Update - Gathering for the Holidays

Someone asked me recently how Covid has affected the relational aspect of my life. More than anything, I miss total freedom to gather with our loved ones in the way we used to. With the holiday season coming up, I am grieving the loss of that privilege I took for granted for so long. Here is how I am choosing joy on a pracitcal level in this trying time.

Reflecting on 2020 so far...

I think everyone would agree 2020 has turned out to be quite a bit rougher than expected. Since my birthday is coming up, and we just passed the middle point of the year, it seems like a good time to put what has been on my mind and heart on paper.

The Perla Collection
With so much uncertainty in the world, heaviness, and change (progress!!), it feels a little funny to write about my latest jewelry collection. Just like my Favor Collection I released back in March, the Perla jewelry has come together at...
Susan's Favorites: Ready to Ship Grad Gifts

Our Friday restock of “ready to ship” items that you all have been waiting so patiently for is almost here! Tomorrow, we will restock all of your favorite gifts just in time for graduation!

Susan's Favorites: Ready to Ship for Mother's Day
Just in time for Mother’s Day, I have pulled together some of my favorite ready-to-ship gifts and bundles from our shop. Psst…these are not just for mom, these could be for you, too! Love all of these for gifts for...
The Favor Spring Jewelry Collection
I need to be honest with you all. It is hard for me to stomach marketing my work to you all right now. I know many are suffering, scared, and feeling uncertain for the future and my heart hurts for...