A Fresh New Look
When I think about my legacy, I consider what I want my children’s children to know; which is, that I set out to honor my family’s heritage of fine craftsmen and craftswomen by creating a product that is well-made, highly valued, and will be passed down to future generations.
Mood-boarding & Inspiration in 2021

My other word for 2021 is cultivate. Over the years, I have come to understand the importance of tending to your own voice/creativity like you would a garden. It takes daily work, attention, planting and pruning.

My words for 2021: Simplify + Refresh

Earlier this month, I mentioned that there are several changes happening in 2021 at SGP that I would share with y'all soon. And one of the big changes has been on my to do list since I first started this business...and I'm excited to finally put this new update into motion.

The Hydrangea Bowl Collection

Introducing the Hydrangea bowls! These hand-painted ceramic bowls are etched with my signature 22k gold edges. Each bowl features a unique “pattern” of hydrangea watercolor glaze paintings.

Behind the Scenes: The Peony Botanica Collection
In 2020, I made it my goal to regularly carve out time away from my duties as a business owner and boss to create. Balancing the creative and business sides of what I do is tricky, and more times than...
The Perla Collection
With so much uncertainty in the world, heaviness, and change (progress!!), it feels a little funny to write about my latest jewelry collection. Just like my Favor Collection I released back in March, the Perla jewelry has come together at...
How's It's Made: BOTANICA Series
At the beginning of each year, I try to make a habit to sit down and think about my goals as a creative, a boss, and a small business owner. Building in time to press the reset button after our...
How It's Made: Anemone Bowls
I’m so excited to introduce you all to my latest collection - The Anemone Bowls. Last spring, I played around with some prototypes for a floral motif bowl and got busy with summer, then the fall, moving our studio…long story...
How It's Made: Our popular C Size Bowl
In this blog post, I’m going to take you on the three to four week journey of the creation of a single piece of pottery - our ever popular size C bowl. This versatile piece has become so popular for...